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Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a TV show or movie dedicated to young Muslim girls? Probably never, because they don’t exist. We are here to change that by producing an inspirational, fun, and extremely beneficial cartoon series named ‘Jannah’s Way’ that our daughters can watch over and over on our channel and learn about Islamic values and manners in a fun and entertaining way.

Jannah’s Way awaits your support to get produced. So let’s launch it together!

May Allah reward you all!

Barakah Hills tells the story of the Abdullah family and their everyday experiences in the town of Barakah Hills. It is a small town with a predominantly Muslim population. The masjid is the central hub of the town with Imam Nouradeen as the community leader and role model. We experience Barakah Hills through the eyes of the two children, Laylah and Omar. They spend their days playing with friends, visiting their grandparents’ farm and engaging in many fun and Islamic activities at the masjid. Imam Nouradeen is their mentor as well as their friend. He shows them how to be good Muslims & inspires them to be active members of their community.


Barakah Hills awaits your support to get produced. So let’s launch it together! 

May Allah reward you all!


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‘The Wonderful Words of Allah’


Is a new series by One4Kids TV.

Simply put, it’s Tafseer (explanation of the Quran) in simple English with colorful animations, videos & graphics to make it more attractive to children.


Along with the animated Mowy character (Zaky’s close friend) who is voiced by Ustadh Muhammad Al-Bizry, this series aims to engage our children and connect them to the wonderful words of the Qur’an in a beneficial yet fun way.


This series is now showing on One4kids TV.

Zaky's Discoveries

In this series, Zaky and his friends discover and learn about different animals, insects, plants, sea creatures and so many other amazing creations of Allah. What makes this series so interesting is not just the amazing facts but also how these facts are taught! 


It is all done via conversations between Zaky and his friends to ensure the children have fun while learning at the same time.

This series is now showing on One4kids TV.

Zaky’s Learning Club is a brand new TV Series for children where lots of learning takes place about:


– Islam
– Prophet Muhammad (saw)
– Arabic
– Health & nutrition
– Numbers and more!

– Allah
– Good manners
– Our world & nature
– Animals


So think of Sesame Street but in an Islamic way. That’s what Zaky’s Learning Club is about in a nutshell.

This series is now showing on One4kids TV.

A Day With Zaky & Friends

Ever wondered what goes on in ZakyLand when Zaky is not teaching? Well, prepare to find out!


This new series will take you on a series on mini escapades that occur in the life of Zaky and his close friends where they encounter everyday issues and problems ranging from bullying, friendship, good health, cleanliness, courage, honesty and everything in between.


Each episode deals with a different topic whereby Zaky & Friends all get involved in one way or another & then tackle it in a fun & engaging manner, each in their own special way.

This series is now showing on One4kids TV.

Zaky's Little Reminders


The name of this series says it all.
Featuring Zaky & friends, these ‘little’ reminders are short & sweet.


Episodes are beneficial yet most

importantly, practical that our children

can engage in straight away. And the

fact that the episodes are short, they

are very easy to remember.



This series is now showing on One4kids TV.