A great new & exciting cartoon series for young Muslim girls!  The first of its kind in the Muslim World.


"My daughter is always on her device wasting valuable time."


"My daughter is always watching useless YouTube videos."


"My daughter’s role models are not who they should be!"


At One4Kids, we're here to provide you with one in-If so, the alarm bells should start ringing for a solution. Does this sound familiar? shaa-Allaah.


 Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a TV show or movie dedicated to young Muslim girls? Probably never, because they don’t exist. We are here to change that by producing an inspirational, fun, and extremely beneficial cartoon series named ‘Jannah’s Way’ that our daughters can watch over and over on our channel and learn about Islamic values and manners in a fun and entertaining way. And the fact that it will be viewed on our channel, there’s no fear of immoral and corrupt popups or external links. That means 100% halal browsing each time, every time, to ensure your child’s fitrah stays as pure as possible, along with their safety, which is our number one priority.  

No doubt this is not the be-all and end-all of solutions, but it’s definitely a great way to start. Especially since current stats show that the average youth spends 6-9 hours a day on their devices, and we all know the type of filth out there that our children can easily access, which is why it’s LONG overdue that we provide a halal alternative.

So what is ‘Jannah’s Way’ anyway?

Good question! How about we let the star of the show – Jannah – answer that herself!


So basically, Jannah’s Way follows the adventures of Jannah, a pious young Muslim girl, who spends her time helping out at the local orphanage. When her mother, a part-time Quran teacher at the orphanage, introduces her to two lovely young girls, Mariam and Sumaya, Jannah instantly falls in love with them and decides to become their guardian. She teaches them about the world around them, how to stay healthy & happy, how to be a kind & generous and about Allah’s many beautiful creations. They always have a wonderful time filled with love and laughter, especially when visiting their favourite place – the community park. 

Jannah's Way is on its way!

We conceived the idea for this show 6 years ago and have been working hard to get it off the ground since. 13 scripts and episodes have been written and now ready for recording. The main characters are already modelled, and the Jannah’s Way theme song has been produced & just needs the lead vocal added (which you can hear in the Jannah's Way video) and we are ready to begin animation!


But the problem is just that - the ANIMATION COST, and that's where we need your financial support, because the unfortunate thing is, the animation is extremely expensive, and why wouldn’t it be? We all know that cartoons have the ability to influence the hearts and minds of millions around the world and have been for decades and with many more parents turning to more Islamic sources for entertainment, there’s a growing demand for shows like Jannah’s Way.  Each episode will cost us $15,000 to produce and $195,000 per season.


So, we need you to dig deep. Because money is the only thing that’s coming between this much-needed show reaching hundreds of thousands young Muslimahs globally.


13 EPISODES are written & ready!

Episode 1 – A New Big Sister
Episode 2 – The Birds
Episode 3 – Apples and Strawberries
Episode 4 – Healthy Bodies


Episode 5 – The Book Fair
Episode 6 – Maintenance Day
Episode 7 – Baking Bread
Episode 8 – The Flower Girls
Episode 9 – Pond Life


Episode 10 – Treasure Hunt
Episode 11 – A Rainy Day
Episode 12 – Cartographic Capers
Episode 13 –  Thank You Jannah

Frequently Asked Questions

So who are we?

We are One4Kids, the producers of the world-famous cartoon character Zaky, and have been in the children’s entertainment industry for over 12 years now walhamdulillaah. Along with Zaky, we have produced:

-100’s of educational videos
- over 20 apps
- over 25 songs
which have amounted to over 1 billion views on our channels worldwide.


How long will it take to make? 

The first episode will take the longest to produce since it will have the most amount of animation and backgrounds to set up.  So with animation and editing, episode one will be ready in 6 - 8 weeks, after which we will be able to produce 2 episodes per month in-shaa’Allaah.

Where can I watch it? And why isn’t it on YouTube? 

It will be on our very own One4kids channel. By having our shows on our platform, it ensures we control what our precious kids watch and that is, 100% halal content and safe browsing for complete peace of mind walhamdulillaah.

YouTube doesn’t offer that same relief and security, however. There are thousands of inappropriate videos on YouTube that are children can access with just the click of a button, which will expose them to filthy morals, bad manners, corrupted ideologies and destroy their innocence in the process. In a world such as this, as Muslims, it’s a

no-brainer that we need and must have our own channels and platforms.

girl watching iphone-play.jpg

Why isn’t it free?

As stated earlier, animation costs are very expensive. Peppa Pig for example costs approx. $7500 per minute to produce. And that’s not even the length of each episode. And that’s not even in 3D. As for Jannah’s Way, it will be in 3D in-shaa-Allaah to make it more appealing for its views and to stay in touch with the latest technology. Thus, to produce quality shows, we need generous funds to produce them.

Even multi-million-dollar industries such as Hollywood have backers behind the scenes pouring millions of dollars to produce films and movies. Without money to begin with, nothing will be produced.

At One4Kids, we are building an Islamic ‘Netflix’ model that needs millions of dollars to run. By having more content, we hope to increase subscribers to the point where we will have enough funds to create many new shows and even one-day movies in-shaa’Allaah.


In conclusion, dear brothers and sisters, Jannah’s Way awaits your support to get it started. So let’s launch it, on Launch Good! 
May Allaah reward you all!